Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"What this means to me"

Two phrases I've encountered from fellow believers regarding the interpretation or evaluation of Scriptural doctrine are:
"What this means to me is...."
"What I feel about this is..."
I find this troubling, in that while personal opinion and feeling may be appropriate for deciding choices in entertainment, friends, and the like, this "me-centric" approach to evaluate doctrine are certain to get one in a lot of trouble.


Because one day, when you stand in front of your Maker at the end of all things, what you think, feel, or believe won't matter a hill of beans. He who made all things will also judge all things according to His law, not your thoughts or feelings.

So, instead of going by what "I" think or feel, one should always strive to know and understand God on His terms, and ask the Holy Spirit to open your eyes and give you the right and true understanding of His Word, so that you may see and understand His ways and walk in them.

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